New Trojan Mystic Stealer Steals data of Cryptocurrency owners

Owners of cryptocurrencies have encountered a malicious software called Mystic Stealer, which steals personal data.

Mystic Stealer was spotted by cybersecurity experts in April 2023. At the end of May, the software creators developed a new version of the infostiler and began advertising it on forums. They offer everyone who wants to use the Trojan by signing up for a paid subscription worth $ 150 per month.

Reports about Mystic Stealer appeared on Russian-language sites, so the Russians are most likely behind the development of malicious software. The infostealer is capable of stealing data from 40 browsers, 70 extensions, and 21 cryptocurrency applications.

After infecting a device, Mystic Stealer collects information about the operating system and hardware, and then sends this information to hackers.

Based on the data obtained, attackers give instructions to the software, and the infostiler starts stealing information that is stored in certain browsers and programs. In particular, the software copies passwords for logging in to cryptocurrency wallets and information for authorization in applications.