Is it possible to promote crypt through SEO, and how to do it

Promoting cryptocurrency isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There are many tools available for this purpose. One of them is SEO. It involves optimization in search engines and creating interesting content. But it is important to know about all the subtleties.


  1. Possible options
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. How to work with content

Possible options

Crypto and SEO perform well in the coalition. One of the most effective ways of promotion is to create websites or a PBN network to talk about blockchains. Most often, the resource includes several pages, has a clear structure, and looks like a reference book. Inside the articles, you must specify native links to projects. It is up to the user to decide what to advertise.

You can also promote the crypt using a review site. This method is relevant if you need to advertise exchanges, wallets, and the like. It is recommended to describe the advantages and disadvantages in the texts, and it will be a good idea to offer a rating. Be sure to post referral links for each product.

News sites also perform well. For better results, you need to enable the RSS feed. In this case, articles will be automatically sent to search engines. To attract the audience, they make referral links.

Drop domains are often used to combine SEO and crypts. You need to look for those that have a similar theme and an interested, active audience. It is advisable not just to buy a drop, but also to develop it. For this purpose, articles are written and various collections are offered. Before purchasing, it is recommended to check whether the resource has been banned. If everything is fine, then you can think about passing the reference weight.

Search Engine Optimization

Cryptocurrency for SEO promotion requires the use of a sufficient number of keywords. Naturally, you do not need to spam them, everything is good in moderation. Experts advise not to forget about meta tags and viewing the semantic core. The content must match all the user’s requests. The following nuances are also taken into account:

  1. To promote a site that specializes in exchanging cryptocurrencies, it is recommended to take keys only with the corresponding currency pairs. Let’s say that a person needs to exchange ETH for dollars, and they are given a customer resource in the search. If they don’t find them, then they probably won’t visit the site at all.
  2. For each cryptocurrency under SEO promotion, it is best to create separate pages. Then the search results will display the desired link immediately, which is convenient for the user. He doesn’t have to click anything else, he just gets the desired result.
  3. When optimizing, it is advantageous to use the so-called “long tails with binding” to the main keys. Not just “exchange crypt”, but “how to exchange crypt profitably”. To get into the user’s request, we recommend using wordstat.

All these factors can affect the results of your work. So you can’t forget about them.

How to work with content

You need to know not only how to promote cryptocurrency, but also how to properly work with content. If you choose it incorrectly, there is a high risk of getting banned. For example, you can not call for the purchase of digital assets. The material is presented in such a way that it is primarily informational, and not commercial.

You don’t need to make content just for optimization, it’s obvious. The text is written for people, not for search robots. The content of resources is carefully evaluated before being sent to the search results by bots.

Keep in mind that Yati, which Yandex works with, focuses on low-frequency and micro-frequency queries. That is, it is advisable to use them. For Google, it is more important to update articles written earlier. Owners are advised to set different dates, supplement their texts with up-to-date information, and so on.

If you need a source of traffic, it is best to promote full-fledged products such as wallets or exchangers. You can also use SEO to make your project more recognizable. Full-fledged and interesting offers give the best results.

We can conclude that SEO is in demand mainly when promoting blockchain projects. A well-thought-out strategy allows you to attract new customers. The most important thing is to offer interesting and popular content.